Solar Plexus Fibonacci Spiral Style + free gift

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We are rocking Fibonacci’s Golden Spiral as a way we can connect our soul to our consciousness .......

The Spiral is a sacred symbol that represents the journey you are about to take, the Solar Plexus chakra healing....

Your entire self-esteem and ego sits in this Chakra centre and our Fibonacci Grid is designed to bring your self-esteem back up to full..... just as it’s meant to be.

The Solar Plexus when you touch this energy centre you are blissful and confident, you can achieve anything your intellect tells you to, your personal power is beyond belief and you are not only spontaneous and cheerful, but you are very charismatic.

However, if your Solar Plexus is untouched and unbalanced then you not only are very sad, egotistical and insecure, but you also lack confidence and are worried about what people think of you.

Not anymore! I have a crystal grid for that unbalanced chakra. Place our Fibonacci Spiral in the resting and living rooms of your home, or on your altar and sacred space. You can even put her in your kitchen and bring the energy of the Solar Plexus to your entire family. As well as being anointed in doTERRAs Lemon - a perfect accompaniment to the Solar Plexus

The details are:
1 x Tigers Eye Generator x 4cm 
1 x citrine tumble about 1cm 
12 x citrine chips about half a cm
8 x tigers eye chips about half a cm
1 x 4cm bottle of tigers eye chips

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