Mojo Bag - Negative Energy Clearing Energy Pack (Scram Bad Vibes)

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Have you ever entered a room in your house 🏡 after you've had relos or friends 🤼‍♂️ over and you just couldn't jive with the vibe? It felt kinda #Yuk&Stuck😧 You just didn't like it anymore.

That's because whoever was there has left their own mark on your space, whether intentional or not, it's made you feel 👿

In comes #ScramBadVibes Negative Clearing Energy Pack.

Here at Little Gems we make sure that there are NO #Yuk&Stuck rooms as these bring down our personal energy⚰️ and makes us quarrel. So we say no 🚫 to yuk and stuck!

The pack contains the following:

1 x Nephrite Jade
1 x Amethyst
1 x Black Obsidian
10 x Baltic Amber
1 x Rose Quartz
1 x Large Citrine (or 2 small)
I x mojo bag

Full instructions are provided below and if you would like a copy I am happy to email you one.

Front door: Jade
Jade brings wealth and good luck to your home. Place your Nephrite Jade near your front door or in your front window to attract abundance. While you're at it, place a coin or two next to it for an extra boost.

Bedroom: Amethyst
Place the amethyst either under you bed, pillow or one your bedside table. Amethyst is the ultimate dreamers Stone and supports calm, balance and peaceful energies that can truly help to enlighten you while you sleep

Children's Room: Obsidian
Black Obsidian helps ward off nightmares, fears and anxiety. The Obsidian works like a black sponge and soaks up anything that isn't loving, positive and safe. This is a great Stone to leave watching over your little ones while they visit dreamland

Living Room: Amber
Where you put your feet up and unwind needs to be blanketed in a relaxing energy. My pure Baltic Amber is that great relaxant. Keep it near your couch as it brings positivity, purifiers the space and even helps bring in a splash of romance. Each mojo bag has 10 pieces of pure Baltic Amber.

Kitchen: Rose Quartz
Up your cooking game and create a living environment by placing a Rose Quartz in your kitchen. This crystal cones equipped with healing, nurturing energy, so it can help you become a master chef behind some serious soul food.

Study: Citrine
If your looking to boost your concentration, focus and mental stamina then citrine is your go-to crystal to keep on hand in your study or place of work. It's also known as the success stone so it comes in handy when on the job.

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