Rooted with Clarity - Root & Crown Chakra grid

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When you stimulate your Root and Crown chakras simultaneously then you are a force 💪 to be reckoned with.

Stability 🌳 in your life is the fundamental dimension that allows you to see, to really see 👀 with clarity.... life, to free yourself from your negative thoughts 😩 and emotions.

Essentially everything is rooted in the clarity of vision, and vision is affected by so many variables, as we chug along our day, if we are clouded in our vision, we can't see the beauty of the universe or even the beauty of the person sitting next to you.

My Rooted with Clarity grid brings to you the energies of the crystals associated with the Root and Crown chakra to balance and activate these powerful forces and enables you to clearly see the world while deeply rooted and stable. The beautiful liquid light Selenite acts as the best antenna to bring you a sharp image of how wonderful it is to really see.

You will also get my mini Throat Chakra grid, this can be placed on your desk at work, or in an area where you deal with people on a daily bases to enable you to both speak and hear your truth.

Ok, I better stop going on and on..... the Deets are:

25cm wide leatherette Mandala grid
5cm x about 1cm wide Selenite Rod
16 x Red Jasper tumbles about half a cm wide
16 x Hematite chips about half a cm wide
12 x Red Garnet chips about half a cm wide
4 x 4cm Selenite Blades

Throat Chakra Grid

5cm wide leatherette Flower of Life grid
1 x 1cm Lapis Lazuli
12 x Topaz chips about half a cm
4 x Selenite Blades about 2cm

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