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It’s all about Amethyst with this grid. This is a killer grid for those of you who need calm, balance and peace.

Amethyst acts as a pretty tough barrier against lower energies (I am not immune to this... unfortunately ), psychic attack, geopathic stress - the energies of Mother Nature mixed with yours, stopping unhealthy environments. It’s like an umbrella protecting your from 

Place this little beauty where you spend most of your time relaxing - on your bedside table perhaps, or if your sacred space is your office then plop her there. The best way to do it is to build your grid, hold it in both your hands and take a deep breath thinking about the best place to give her a forever home and you’ll be surprised. Place your angel where you will be able to greet her every day, like your kitchen bench top or window sill and your gift of a heart, pop under your pillow and sleep on it to evoke vivid peaceful dreams

Ok the deets:
 10cm 3mm MDF Flower of Life board
 Amethyst cluster about 4cm (at least)
 6 x A grade clear quartz pointers about 4cm
 6 x amethyst mini tumblies about half a cm
 6 x A grade clear quartz chips

Amethyst angel 4cm long about 3cm wide

Amethyst heart about 3cm wide

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