Mojo Bag - Optimise Your Vibe

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Are you wanting to optimise your vibe? Be the "go-getter" instead of the "going to sleep" Girl? Then our #OptimiseYourVibe mojo bag is what you need.

Here @ Little Gems, we are trying to offer a holistic approach to making ourselves feel better. Keeping the mojo bag near you during the day and sleeping with it on your nightstand or under your pillow will ensure you reap the benefits of the crystal energy, vibing with your aura and giving you the boost you need.

Hundreds of hours of research have gone into the creation of this one and we are sure you will love it too.

The crystal make up is:

1 x Amethyst Heart (2cm) - gives you calmness and peace
1 x Carnelian Tumble (1-2cm) - for energy and creativeness
1 x Green Aventurine for (1-2cm) healing and luck
3 x natural Citrine pointer (1cm) - for happiness and Joy
1 x bottle of Carnelian chips (3cm) for you to carry around during the day. 
1 x cool yellow (or random colour) organza mojo bag (11cm x 8cm)

Of course, these are all natural products and the stones will vary from these images but the bottle and amethyst heart will be the same.

You can put your crystals in your pocket during the day or sleep with them under your pillow during the night.

All crystals come cleansed and programmed.


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