Heart Chakra - Boosting the Love + gift

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What is the Heart Chakra all about and how can this gorgeous little Crystal Grid help? . 

This beauty of an energy centre sits in the middle of the chakra systems and depicts balance and harmony. Our spiritual identity resides in this chakra... just think about how you refer to yourself pointing to your heart.

So a balanced heart chakra brings you:
unconditional love
forgiveness and lots more, just ask me.

Now an unbalanced Heart Chakra brings you:
 Feeling Unloved
 Victim mentality
 Moody and many more!

If you are balanced then that’s awesome if not maybe this little grid is for you. Place her near your bed at night and let the energies of the Rose Quartz and green agate infuse your aura and the aroma of jasmine fill your nose as you rest. With your free gift, you can carry it on your favourite chain close to your heart of hang it in the doorway of your bedroom and even carry it in your pocket and leave it on your desk at work to help you deal with the more moody work colleagues. 

Ok the details are: 
10cm 6mm Plywood Fibonacci circle grid 
1 x 4cm Rose Quartz obelisk anointed with In Essences Jasmine Oil
15 x Rose Quartz chips about half a cm long
18 x Green Agate chips about half a cm long
1 x 4cm glass bottle filled with Rose Quartz.

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