Health, Wealth and Happiness Mini Crystal Grid Set

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#HealthWeath&Happiness Sacred Geometry Grid

Sacred Geometry, the fundamental building blocks of our universe🌐 .

Here 👊 at Little Gems we like to be able to build our own blocks of energy and #HealthWeath&Happiness has been built based on that premise.

Cubes ⬛ in the crystal world have a whole new meaning 😲. Square shapes are a masculine 💪energy and especially useful in all aspects of building and creating IN the material world. They also build a solid foundation both professionally and personally! 

Inject our #HealthWealth&Happiness mini grid into your world and reap 🤸‍♀️ the energies of health (green aventurine), wealth (pyrite - they don't call it Fools Gold for nothin') and happiness (citrine - can't get happier than a stone that holds the Sun) bring to the table.

Place this energy emanating mini grid near your workstation or on your home office desk and start counting your successes.

6mm Plywood 10cm wide board

Green Jade cube – 1cm x 1cm

6 x natural Citrine pointers - 2cm

6 x Pyrite clusters - 5mm

As always contact us if you have any questions or special requests!

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