7 Chakra Tumble Stone Box and Grid Set

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What a great combo - a set of 7 tumble stones, with a wooden storage box and a 7 chakra plywood mini grid for use with the tumble stones. 

The stones and matching chakras are

1. Red Jasper - Base

2. Orange Jasper - Sacral

3. Citrine - Solar Plexus 

4. Green Aventurine - Heart

5. Sodalite - Throat

6. Lapis lazuli - Third Eye

7. Amethyst - Crown

The tumble stone box measures approximately 25cm in length and the mini grid is 11cm in diameter. The tumble stones fit perfectly on the corresponding symbols on the crystal grid. The crystal grid is made of 6mm Plywood.

A great addition you your sacred space, or given the grid size and the storage box for the stones this is great for travelling and using outdoors. 

An instruction sheet is included to help match up each stone to the correspondingly chakra symbol on the crystal grid.