The Story of Little Gems

Little gems metaphysical store

I have been so fortunate in life to have discovered crystals early, and have received countless hours of enjoyment sorting through specimens, building crystal grids, gemstone trees, jewelry and novelty gem craft. An accountant by trade, but distracted by a search for deeper meaning in my life led me on a journey I am fortunate to have experienced.

Through my love of crystals I came to realise there is hidden beauty everywhere in the world. There are indeed little gems of beauty and wisdom to be found everywhere, both in the physical word and in every up and down we experience in daily life.

From this philosophy Little Gems was born in 2016. I now get as much pleasure sharing my knowledge and creations with others that are just as filled with wonder and awe as I am. 

Based in sunny Brisbane Australia, I love supplying crystals and my own creations with like minded folk from all around the globe. I hope you enjoy your visit to my online store and find some inspiration to take away with you.

As of 2019 I am blessed to offer crystal healing from a converted granny flat on my property in Upper Mount Gravatt Brisbane. I am an internationally certified crystal healer and take great joy and pleasure from helping people to heal.

Infinite blessings - Mira