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Hamsa Shatkona sacred space wall hanging
Hamsa Shatkona sacred space wall hanging

Hamsa Shatkona sacred space wall hanging

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In Buddhism, the Hamsa symbolises the five senses, the chakras energy flow in the human body. Just like everything else in nature, we are symmetrical and harmoniously linked to the environment.

Each finder has it's own chakra energy. 
Pinkie Finger - First Chakra, Tailbone, Legs & Feet, Earth
Ring Finger - Second Chakra, Pelvis & Genitals, Water
Thumb - Third Chakra, Solar Plexus, Fire
Forefinger - Fourth Chakra, Heart, Air
Middle Finger - Fifth Chakra, Throat, Sound

So when the Hamsa hand is facing up, she is a very powerful sing of protection against, evil, jealousy and insecurities. Often in this position, the fingers are spread apart to ward off evil.

When the Hamsa is facing down it helps welcoming fertility, goodness and abundance of t Shathe universe into your life. Hand facing down also answers prayers and manifestations.

This a perfect symbol for you to use when you are feeling you need extra protection in your sacred space or wanting a handful of abundance and prosperity.

Each hand comes with double-sided tape for you to mount as you please.

It's about 31cm wide x 27cm high but can be any size you need