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As we head into the holiday season, I am again filled with the sadness that has plagued me for the last 16 years.

16 Christmases, Easters, Birthdays she has missed. Grandchildren she'll never see and a son-in-law she had so much love for... sorry 😥

Back to the mojo bag... I wanted to give myself a little break from feeling sad this holiday season and was doing some research about ways crystals and essential oils can help me and have come up with my #EaseMyGrief mojo bag.

🧡🧡🧡Now, before I get into this I just wanted to say that grief and mourning is a natural process we go through when we lose someone we love. This loved one can be spouses, parents, child, best friends, pets. Grief touches us all at some time in our lives and what I am offering here is a way of helping you accept your grief, not to banish it, or hide it away. We still need to go through the grieving process, some more than others (hence 16 years and I'm still waiting for the grief to subside)🧡🧡🧡

I made this bag up last week and have kept it by my computer while I worked and under my pillow while I slept. I have to say that my sadness has eased, it truly has. I have happy thoughts of my mum and dad, happy fun filled summer days we spent together along the foreshores of some of the most beautiful beaches in Sydney. Not sad longing thoughts of how miserable my life is without my parents or how my poor children will never get to enjoy A grandparent at all (hubby lost his parents too)

For the first time since my mums passing, I am excited about Christmas and the New Year, and I wholeheartedly have my little mojo bag to thank for that. There is no way I would of been able to feel like this without it, no way!

So whats in my mojo bag?

🖤 Apache Tears (there is a sad lore about these obsidian's)
🖤Smoky Quartz 
The apache tears and smokey quartz work together to alleviate 
the pain of grief while the heavy yet healing emotional work is 
🖤Black Tourmaline - as your transmuter of negative energies into 
positive thoughts 
🖤Rose Quartz - because we all know the healing benefits of loving 
ourselves and others around us

Herbs & Oils:
🌿 Marjoram - is an age-old remedy for grief
🌿 Chamomile - brings calm and comfort 
💧 Roman Chamomile essential oil

The apache tears and rose quartz are about 1cm wide and the smokys about 2cm wide while the tourmaline is about half a cm wide

Free delivery around Australia, but more importantly if you have any questions at all, I am so, so happy to help you if I can 💔

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