Solar Plexus - Unlock Your Potential + Free Shipping

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Have you ever just sat at your desk and stared off into space thinking of a place you can just chill by the water, sipping a margarita?

Then you SNAP back to reality and realise 'holy crap' I can't think of anything! When your creative juices have gone on a mid-year vacation and your wondering why you can't come up with something new and enticing to sell, or write or create.

Did you know there is a crystal that can help with that?

Here at Little Gems, my juices run wild (think of a lava oozing volcano) and my brain is constantly buzzing with new inventions or products I need to purchase. Even with the cosmic energies wreaking havoc the last couple of weeks, I've still maintained my creative flair.

And I have only my mini creative boost grid to thank for that! Honestly #NoLie.

She sits proudly on my desk to my right side (intuitively placed there, as that is the creative side of my desk). She has been a great source of energy, would you believe she even helps me with my boys Year 8 Science homework!

So if you find that no matter what you do, but your creative mojo has taken a hike, grab my #UnblockYourPotential crystal grid and give it a chance, you'll also get a free bottle of carnelian chips to either pop on your necklace, in your bag or hang on your desk.

All the deets:

1 brown 3mm MDF sacred geometry board x 10cm wide 
1 Tigers_Eye 4-6cm long
6 x natural citrine points about 1-2cm long
6 x red carnelian chips about half a cm long
1 x glass bottle of carnelian chips 4cm long


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