Solar Plexus - Study Buddy Crystal Grid + free postage

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Fluorite is your go-to stone for anything to do with studying, decision making, focusing and pretty much anything to do with thinking... (ps, I've got it everywhereĀ šŸ¦šŸ§ ) The energy that fluorite invites into yourĀ sacred spaceĀ helps you to stay on task.Ā 

I've teamed fluorite up with amethyst and carnelian to invoke an atmosphere of creative focus in a calm environment. This baby can be placed in your workspace or for the students in your life at their study station.Ā 

The stone is rainbow fluorite (it comes in almost all colours of the rainbow except for yellow which is harder to find) and is so beautiful to look at, you can't help but be in a receptive state. Carnelian to help boost your creative juices and amethyst to offer you a calm, peaceful state of mind. Clear quartz as your amplifier stones.

The Circle of Life is 23cm wide on 3mm MDF
Fluorite Obelisk is 8cm high by about 3.5cm wide
Amethyst tumbles are about 2cm
Carnelian chips are about 1/2 cm
Fluorite chips about 1/2cm
Clear quartz tumbles about 1cm
Clear quartz chips about 1/2cm


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