Sacral Centre Boost Crystal Grid + Gift

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The 2nd Chakra - The Sacral Centre seeks pleasures 🙃 and enjoyment. Governed by Deity Vishnu this vortex 🌀 of emotions is a pretty darn important one🥊. Here is where Karma makes an appearance, and 2 headed Goddess's point arrows at 🏹 their 'desired' 🧘‍♀️ objects.... need I say anymore?

Balance ⚖️ of the Sacral Centre brings you the enjoyment of friendships 🙋‍♀️, creativity, sensuality, an abundant social life👭👬👫, you're optimistic and have an aura 😇about you that is contagious..... I'd like to say that I am my Sacral Centre, but sometimes life (**cough, cough.. kids!) gets in the way and I perhaps loose sight of the beauty of this chakra's energy.

So to make sure that I am getting the right vibe ✨here, I have a Sacral Centre crystal 🔮 grid I keep in my lounge room 🛋️ when I'm chilling out (no kids in the room type chill out!)

To be unbalance for a long time will only bring you bitterness 😤😖🤯😩resentfulness, jealousy and aggression... isn't there enough of this in the world around us, I certainly don't want it coming knocking at my door, do you?

My #SacralCentre boost grid is purpose built to enhance and encourage the energies to surround you and all those that come into it's energy field. You'll even get a free mini bottle of carnelian to carry with you during the day. Carnelian being the best stone for the Sacral Centre Chakra.

All the #Deets:

⚛️Svadhisthana is laser etched (oh my precious #LaliatheLaser) on 3mm MDF board 24cm wide

⚛️A carnelian energy orgonite with copper coils boost the energy of the carnelian (the new black amongst us in the field). This disc is about 4.5cm wide x 1.5cm high

⚛️6 clear quartz pointers to amplify the energy out into your sacred space

⚛️4 locally fossicked Australian rough carnelians

⚛️6 Opalite tumblies

⚛️6 carnelian tumblies

⚛️Mini bottle of carnelian is 2cm tall and about a cm wide.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me :)

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