Sacral Centre - Ignite your Sacral Centre + free gift

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What is the Sacral Centre, this 2nd Chakra all about?

In a nutshell balancing of the Sacral Centre brings you the enjoyment of friendships, creativity, sensuality, an abundant social life, you're optimistic and have an aura about you that is contagious

So if you are feeling:

^ Tired
^ Drained
^ Have all of a sudden developed poor social skills
^ Lack passion
^ Lack excitement
^ Lack drive
^ Fear change
^ Fear 

Then this little baby may be able to help, keep her safe near your bed at night, and allow the energies of the crystals to fuse with your own energy and impart her loving vibrational frequency. So much so, we are anointing her with none other than doTERRA's Tangerine essential oil - a Sacral Centre aroma scent.

A prolonged unbalanced Sacral Centre brings to you bitterness resentfulness, jealousy and aggression... isn't there enough of this in the world around us? I certainly don't want it coming knocking at my door.

My Ignite your Sacral Centre grid is purpose-built to enhance and encourage the energies to surround you and all those that come into its energy field. You'll even get a free mini bottle of carnelian to carry with you during the day either on your necklace or in your pocket.

Another massive is it will help you kick the procrastination bug and help you make wiser career choices. Honestly, in the Crystal World, this one is a doozy.

Ok, I better stop rambling on, all the details are:

1 3mm 10cm wide Flower of Life MDF crystal grid
1 x 4cm hand carved Carnelian generator
6 x rough carnelian tumblies about 1 cm wide
6 x clear quartz chips about half a cm wide
6 x selenite sticks about 4cm long
1 x 4cm glass bottle of carnelian chips.

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