Root Chakra healing - Giving Self Doubt the Flick

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When we hate on us, we are sending a message out into the Universe that says ‘We are just not good enough’ which is utter rubbish!

You are SOOO MUCH more than you think you are.

That’s why I built this gorgeous mini-grid to get rid of those #negativeNanciesthat love to play with our self-esteem and self-worth! There is no place for them in our world 

The Rubellite brings out your inner child you’ve been hiding forever and a day, spontaneous and full of life.

The Shungite is a very protective and nurturing stone as the outer stone not only for your protection but for

And of course, the clearest clear quartz ever to amplify the stones and give your mind a break from too much noise 

As long as you promise to place her in a place that you hang out in and acknowledge her every morning then the obsidian will be shooting your hate talk to the moon.

Ok, all the deets

1 x Black Obsidian Obelisk 10cm high
8 x Clear Quartz tumblies .5-1cm
8 x Rubellite tumblies .5-1cm
8 x Shungite tumblies .5-1cm
1 x 6mm plywood mandala
1 x 3cm bottle of black obsidian


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