Removing Obstacles with Ganesha + free gift

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Have you ever tried to work really hard on a project and after trying your hardest you are not seeing a favourable outcome?

There is nothing more deflating than investing hard work on something and not seeing a positive pay off.

If this is you and you've been stuck in the sludge of negativity then it's probably time to shift your focus and that is where this gorgeous mini grid comes into play.

We are not sporting the usual centre stone, rather the Ganesha, a revered remover of obstacles, a deva of intellect and wisdom. He is widely followed across the East and as the God of beginnings, he is perfect for you to start afresh and look at your obstacle from a different angle.

He is made of pure brass and sits beautifully on the Mandala grid-based and surrounded by manifestation stones of Peridot & Tigers Eye.

Connected to the Sun, peridot has the get-up and go masculine energy, the determined to the very end energy, your spiritual cheerleader that keeps you on the right path. An extra-terrestrial stone, peridot is definitely worthy of being with the Ganesha.

Tigers Eye:
Mysterious and powerful, Tigers Eye is revered as an "all seeing all knowing eye", thought to grant you the ability to see everything. It has been highly regarded throughout history as a stone of prosperity and good fortune.

Clear Quartz:
The amplifier stone, shooting Ganesha's energy throughout your space.

This grid is perfect to place around your desk either at work or in your home office. If you have kids that are studying or you are studying or even filling in forms, then keep this grid nearby. If you are starting a new project in your workshop then this little baby is perfect for you.

What if you are about to jump into the entrepreneurial ocean? Scared? Grab this little beauty and keep him nearby as he is perfect for new beginnings.

Ok, I can go on and on but the details are:

1 x Mandala grid base x 10cm
1 x pure Brass 3cm high x 3.5cm wide Ganesha
12 x Peridot chips about half a cm long
4 x Tigers Eye chips about half a cm long
4 x Clear Quartz pointers about 1.5cm long
1 x 2.5cm bottle of peridot chips - FREE GIFT

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