Third Eye Chakra - Jive With Your Vibe Sacred Geometry

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Sacred Geometry, the fundamental building blocks 🏾 of our universe 🌏

This particular grid is a laser etched mandala, one of the classic geometric designs and so important in the Hindu and Buddhist religions. The symbol, which represents the universe, is one of my personal favourites.

This mini-grid is 10cm wide, 3mm thick and a super funky purple 💜 colour! It is perfect for placing by your bedside, at your desk, or as part of your sacred space/altar 🧘

About the grid: Dressed beautifully with crystals that resonate with the Throat Chakra and bringing the powerful masculine energy of Pyrite our #JiveWithYourVibe grid will have you speaking 🗣️ and hearing 👂 your truth in no time.


Clear Quartz - the Master-stone, able to amplify the energies of all the stones around it. I can't think of a better stone to have as our centre stone for #JiveWithYourVibe grid.

Pyrite is a powerful masculine stone - manifestation is what it eats for breakfast.... well not exactly. But it is a kick-ass stone. If you have been scared to voice your opinion on something or you think someone wants to tell you something but are holding back, then this is the stone you want nearby as he infuses your space with a 'spit it out' type energy

Blue Apatite is known for it's encouraging you to use your personal power to achieve your deepest goals perfect for our #JiveWithYourVibe board. Just like the pristine crystal clear hues of our oceans, Blue Apatite will bring you peace and inner calm. People don't seek the blue-aqua colours of the ocean for nothing you know.

Blue Lace Agate.. who doesn't love this stone? Pure, calm and soft this stone will have you delivering your truth in just the same way. Hard to get these days, Blue Lace Agate is a stone that should be in all our crystal collections.


1 x Clear Quartz tower 2-3cm tall
4 x mini pyrite clusters half cm each
8 tumbled blue apatite chips
8 tumbled blue lace agate chips

Place this energy emanating mini grid near your workstation or on your home office desk to emanate soothing and harmony.

A great Mothers Day gift too, and if you let me know its for your special mum, I'll throw in a little gift bag too :)

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