Third Eye Chakra Balancing Crystal Grid Pack

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Too many people that cross my path are unaware of the world around them, unsure of trusting their 'gut feel' over their logic. Confused about which path they should take, or stay on. So much sadness and not enough intuition.

If you are one of these, I have created a powerful selection of master crystals for your benefit. The main stone is Sodalite - used to increase understanding, access ideas and promote intuitive skills and memory.

Blue crystals calm the mind, cool the body and soothe the soul, a perfect marriage to help open up your Third Eye Chakra and really see how life is. Sodalite reduces stress, minimises anxiety and removes fear, the fear you have made up in your mind.

If you can live 24hrs without any stress, anxiety, anger or agitation you will see your intuition will flourish. That's how important it is to be at ease, peace within you and around you.

To have an open and working Third Eye Chakra, you will be filled with inspiration, razor-sharp intuition and intelligence, your memory will be intact, and wisdom will drip off you.

To have a closed unworking third eye, you lack clarity, perception, unwillingness to see the truth and inability to learn from your experience.

Which one would you choose?

All of my products are stored, hand selected within my sacred space, which is regularly cleansed of negative energy and surrounded by positive loving energy and inspiration. I cherish and respect all my stones, crystals and magickal items, even those that are here only temporarily. Every crystal gets a sage bath before they are carefully packed and sent away.

1 x 3mm MDF spray painted board 25cm wide.

1 x Sodalite generator 6cm wide

4 x Clear Quartz pointers about 5cm long

4 x Kyanite Blades about 4cm long

4 x Sunset Sodalite 1-2cm wide

4 x Lapis Lazuli tumbles 1-2cm wide

4 x Aquamarine about 1cm wide

12 x Lapis Lazuli chips about 1cm wide

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