Heart Chakra Activation grid

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The Heart Chakra is your healing centre, it means living your life with loving kindness and compassion towards others as well as inspiring kindness and compassion in others.

Also known as Anahata the fourth chakra is where your way of life makes people feel at peace when they are around you, there is no judgement or prejudices coming from your heart chakra. 

However, if you are feeling unloved, lacking compassion, unable to forgive or accept yourself, your struggling with grief, depressed, fearing rejection or have a victim mentality then your heart chakra may need balancing. 

The Little Gems Heart Chakra activation grid is perfect as your first step to bringing some balance back into your life. It is the perfect design to help you set up your spiritual healing journey as the centre stone is a clear quartz heart surrounded by beautiful brilliant green fluorite tumbles and perfect to place either on your hallway table, in your office, by your kitchen or in your garden as the heart chakras relationship is with everyone, and with life itself.  

We will also anoint the centre stone with In Essence Rose Otto essential oil as it has the highest spiritual frequency of all oils and opens the heart chakra, allowing you to feel unconditional love. 

The heart is about 4cm wide and the fluorite tumbles are about half a cm wide, with the sacred geometric board being 6mm plywood x 10cm wide.  

This weighs about 80grams and is perfect to purchase with complementing stones.  

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