Rose Quartz Obelisk + Egg

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Known as the stone of Love and Compassion we have two different rose quartz items.

Rose quartz is wonderful for healing broken hearts and teaching you to be kind not only to others but more importantly to you! It also fosters empathy and forgiveness of other people that have hurt you. She is a great stone for clearing out anger and jealousy, resentment of others in your life and allows you to heal and release negative emotions.

The Rose Quartz Egg: this shape represents the element of water and is symbolic of nurturing and protection. Made in rose quartz brings to this shape a sense of calmness and peace. 

The Rose Quartz Obelisk: The main energy of the Rose Quartz will shoot out from its apex into your sacred space. Great for crystal grids, or placed with your egg on your altar to bring loving, compassion and kind soft energy to your world.

The Egg measures at 7cm and comes with a free timber stand

The Obelisk measures at 10cm

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