Throat Chakra Mandala Crystal Grid Set - Stand By Your Convictions

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The Seat of Communication 🗣️ is what they call Vishuddha or the Throat (5th) Chakra.

Sitting on this beautiful blue Mandala are the stones that perfectly compliment this very important life skill and balance the energies that give you the strength to #SpeakYourTruth and #StandByYourConvictions

Back to the track....When you find yourself wanting to express your feelings but something is holding you back 🤬 - fear, insecurities, lack of confidence, or you just don't want the hassle of arguing or hurting someone's feelings, then this grid is perfect for you.

Pure in your thoughts and words is a very powerful tool, if everyone practised this notion we would not see so much suffering 🔫 . Purity in what we hear 👂plays an important role in our entire self perception from toddler to ripe old age. Often we hear what we want to. Our #StandByYourConvictions will give you the guidance and strength 💪 you need to not only speak truthfully but to have thee strength to do so.

The Details:

A beautiful blue Mandala 💠 on 23cm wide 3mm MDF

The Centre stone: Celestite (about 4cm wide) is a stone that while peaceful and able to link with angels, its a get over it, lifes to short type of stone💙

8 x pyrite mini clusters (about half a cm wide). Pyrite is a "go get 'em" masculine type energy and perfect for this grid

8 x mini lapis lazuli tumblies (about half a cm wide). Lapis Lazuli a 'Stone of Truth' and it's no coincidence I have it here

8 x mini aquamarine tumblies (about half a cm wide). Aquamarine is the 'Great Communicator'.....getting the picture here?

4 x kyanite blades (about 3 cm long) Kyanite is probably the best 'speak your truth' stone as it breaks down the communication barriers

4 x selenite blades (about 3cm long). Selenite is here to enhance all the other stones and cleanse the energy.

Place your grid somewhere where you can visit her everyday. Give her energy by meditating🙏, even for 3 minutes a day is enough to show her how honest and pure you are in your thoughts 👨👩

Remember energy follows thought, and what you put out in the universe is what you will get back, positivity 🌹 only returns positivity.

Any questions I am more than happy to help 😁


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